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Many of the Catholic Workers live in a communal house in Boyle Heights, it's unfair to paint them as living somehow completely separated from the reality of LA urban life when they spend so much time there. I've been to their home, it's not some sort of den of luxury, not by a long shot. They do very good social and political work, I'm glad they're holding the mayor accountable. He wants to cut all city services except the police and fire depts, which make up 2/3 of the budget. How much time does the mayor spend on skid row? Someone has to call Villaraigosa out, he's on the wrong track.

Bravo Catholic Workers!

Joe Cornish

Come on, El Chavo. Nobody is disputing the good work of the Catholic Workers. It's their childish acting out that is the topic of discussion. Believe it or not, it is possible to "call Villaraigosa out" without shouting him out.

.....and check this out, El Chavo---the Catholic Workers have removed two of my disagreeing (but respectful) comments from their blog. They want to be heard, but they don't want anyone else to be heard. I call that hyprocrisy.

What do you call it?


Childish acting out? Why not just call it a protest? You have a blog, make your case there. Blogs all around town delete comments, so what? That's their right, no matter how backwards it may be.

Joe Cornish

"No matter how backwards it may be."---El Chavo, April 4, 2008

Backwards? Yes, indeed, E.C. The silly protest was backwards.

.....and maybe you delete comments, but I don't. Don't throw your projections on me, deleter.

Also, as far as making my case on my blog, why aren't you making your case on your blog instead of here?

I call you a hypocrite, El Chavo. What do you call it?


I call you crazy.

Joe Cornish

I can live with that. Now why don't you go back to covering corn on the cob. You're good at that.


Aye aye Captain! Come on Kernels!

Joe Cornish

I like you, El Chavo, and I love your blog.


Hate into love in 5 seconds flat. Thanks guys. I know both of you in person, and would not expect anything other but strong personal beliefs backed up by experience and personal truths.

Joe Cornish

Hey, El Chavo recognized I was joking about the corn on the cob. Who could not like a person like that? .....and trust me, it was never hate. Sometimes it's a blast to just go at it! I love you too!

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