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Jacqueline Redeemer

Ed Fuentes---I salute you in your article regarding los angeles's city transformation...Danette Martin is one of many intercessors and worshipers in Los Angeles county who are committed to pray on behalf of our communities. God is establishing Houses of Prayer that are commissioned to usher in the presence of God's divine purpose for our Cities. There are more stories to capture on this topic.

Marva Coleman

True journalism lives on! Ed, your article provides hope and courage. A snapshot of the practicality of prayer and worship was conveyed throughout providing the “what and why” of Danette's prayers for her city. And I had to smile at your closing thanking your guides, the precious children. Her passion and commitment to intercede for Los Angeles represents the voice of many who pray for the revival of our city. The House of Prayer-Inglewood commends Danette for her voice singing in the wilderness and you for writing the article. I look forward to more articles such as this, that are a shining a light in the darkness.

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