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Laurie Avocado

I am horrified. If you hear of any organized protest against this action, please email me at LAvocado@sbcglobal.net.


Yet another reason for me to dislike Molina. I'm right by the river so if you need any pics just let me know.

Laurie Avocado

What is Molina's story anyway? Is she just some kind of control freak? Does she have any idea how ridiculous it sounds to say,"We're trying to save lives?"


"That includes the tagger who posted a threat to Molina after the initial reports that a portion of was whitewash mysteriously after a meeting with organizers and Molina's office. That threat prompted an order that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department question Man-One."

So women of color get threatened by macho bs even as professionals and this is viewed as ok, you guys don't have a problem with this. And we are all still confused as to why Molina found this mural a problem.

People who disagree with you and they kill you, even when we get degrees and become professional we still have to deal with this ghetto gangster crap.

I don't think anyone at FoLAR has to worried about threats on their lives.


Laurie Avocado

I don't think anyone actually said they were going to kill Molina, and they certainly didn't show up at her house with a gun. They way I heard it someone wrote Gloria Molina 187 on the wall she had buffed. Not exactly the best tactic for saving the murals. However, it wouldn't have happened if she hadn't buffed the murals in the first place.

Please don't refer to us as "guys." We are not a unified group. I, for one, am a 61-year- old woman. I attended the Meeting of Styles event and met nothing but smiles from the participants! I have returned to the site several times to take photographs and have never been threatened in any way.

The directors of FoLAR have decided they to go along with Molina and buff the murals. So you are getting your way and might as well gloat about it.


For last 16 months I have been wrangling with DCFS for sexual abuse investigation and reasonable custody. Both Children's court and DCFS workers and Special Victims Officer are under Gloria Molina who would like to keep the can of worms sealed. Can any one advise if there is any one up the food chain..or buck stops at GM.

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