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You can't tell us about your comic versions and then not share them, it's strictly forbidden. C'mon, we wont laugh, I mean, we will laugh. ;)

urban memo

I don't wear giant green ugly hats.


it's OK, we'll still respect you in the morning...


El Chavo, don't want to step on your turf. You're the go-to-cholo for being funny.

Urban, yes you do, after three glasses of wine while blogging from the sidewalk cafe.

Shannon, you say that now.


I think it's true in regards to the assessment by the Downtown News in regards to bloggers. Most bloggers just do commentary or pr for things that are already known, but you know Downtown News isn't exactly a newspaper.

They wouldn't know a story if it smacked them in the face. They wouldn't print a story if it smacked them in the face, that would be too scary and too anti-business and might prevent them from getting ad dollars from the all of the real estate ads that they get.

When I read the Downtown News I can't get tell the advertising from the editorial.

Downtown News is a gigantic press release, so who are they to talk.


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