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Joe Cornish

Congratulations, Ed. Your blog has dignity and intelligence, as do you. You deserve both awards!


urban memo

congradulations ed!

Rico A

Congratulations, my friend! You deserve it (both of them!)

Don Garza

You know when Jan Left she told me. WELCOME TO BLOG HELL!!!

I can understand , since everybody spins the Los Angeles Town Crier Ambassador of Goodwill Awards as not even mentioning the awards came from the Town Crier and the Community.

That is one reason I didn't even bother to make a certificate from the Town Crier this year. They Love Jan's Certs. DO you blame them. I said last night when we get something from Jan it is almost like getting something from our own mother.

Gotta love LA.

WE missed you Rico.

I mean, ED has the nerve to ask why he Received two? He received two because he earned them. I explained it at the event.

BLoggers and those who communicate are recognized because they help to build community. With communication comes dialogue and with dialoogue in an embattled community comes negotiation and with negotiation comes progress. ED , because of his work on this blog and Blogdowntown, in creating a community he was awarded and recognized as an ambassador of Goodwill in the Los Angeles Community..

Thanks ED


congrats ed! i'm sorry i missed the event, i was on a conference call with a wga strike captain and wasn't able to get off the call until late. but now you've got a lot more to cover for your blog and blogdowntown - did you see the picket lines downtown at 4th & main?

Walter Melton

Congradulations, Ed.
As my father said, awards and accolades only give you the increased obligation to continue to share your brilliance with all of us. By the way, Don, I believe that award from the Councilman's office makes that statement apply to you as well.

Congradulations again to the both of you.

Orlando's Hair & Nail

Congratulations, you deserve it. I see you often working up and down the streets. That is dedication and service.

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