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what?! 'gina can't open without celia!!! good thing she gets back soon...or is already back but stuck in jetlag hell...


we witnessed the open 'gina (and pinkberry) last night, after breaking our l.a. fast at korakum, but did not partake. a visit is planned for later this week.


i can't believe i missed the grand opening of 'gina. i hear it was huge. and look at that warm, red glow. everything a 'gina should be.

alright, can we organize a downtown bloggers' 'gina feast for later this week?


That was something Eric and I were talking about this afternoon on Grand Ave. Let's do it.


i was planning a dinner and drinks with fellow downtown gentrifiers and an out of town friend on wednesday night...this could be a potential munching spot.

sorry, i couldn't resist....

Don Garza

I am up for it...

an gina anti-social

ed padgett, when are we doing the barbecue?


no, no, not an anti-social, let's call it "a taste of 'gina"


I'll call and see if that Wed is an actual opening day, and "taste of 'gina" it is.

Rico A

I'm sooo in. I hope I'll be able to "find the entrance."


nice one rico...


yeah rico, you don't want to go in the back way... or do you?


I've lost control of this post.

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