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Tim Quinn

You've captured my favorite LA landmark, The Chinese Massacre Memorial Freeway Onramp. I always tear-up when I get on there.


Thanks for the quotes, they were fun to read through even if a lot of them were more about Hollywood than the LA I know.

One of my favorites comes from Héctor Tobar's The Tattooed Soldier:
In Antonio's country, where there were many natural beauties, the sunsets were ordinary and predictable. Here in Los Angeles, nightfall was often a sweeping and multihued event, with a majesty that suggested the coming of the millennium, the end of a planetary journey.

Someone once told Antonio it was the pollution in the air that made the evening sky this way. Like everything else in Los Angeles, even the beautiful sunsets were man-made.

LA City Nerd

Nice compilation. Don't forget my favorite:
"I walk through the streets 'cause she's my companion." - Red Hot Chili Peppers


considering the majority of those quotes thrive on creating the "bizarre" + "fake" image of Los Angeles...here's two from a brilliant essay on Los Ange;es by Paulette Singley in the Urban Planning/Design anthology "Shaping the City."

"Los Angeles is bigger than postmodernism and yet, has been defined by it."

my favorite: "In order to tell the story of Los Angeles, they erased its history."


good quote Metro, ill highlight that next

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