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I'm sad I missed this. El Vez is gonna be in the upcoming issue of Puro Pedo Magazine, a Chicano satire magazine I help out with (but don't really write for since I'm not that funny).


What are ya talkin' about? You're funny!

urban memo

damn damn damn! i missed it!


i partly live vicariously through you.


My uncle said El Vez performed at Rio Hondo College for some Mother's Day thing where people brought their abuelitas and stuff to see him. The viejitas were so offended (unprepared?) by his act, they left in droves during the middle of his performance.
Whittier: the land of fuddy-duddies.


You can bet the abuelitas were more offended by the non-traditional Elvis tribute than anything else.

Daniel H.

Missed it. Chet. Saw him a while back with Astrid Hadad at Royce at UCLA... It was a big, bad-ass show.

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