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Jean Frost

This site and sign is so important to the context of University Park. Others would dismember the sign and remove it from its context. The slice and dice version of preservation mitigation.

We at West Adams Heritage Association strongly support this designation and hope it is approved.


This spring I graduated from USC. I am well to aware of the need for student housing on and near campus. Placing a large housing complex on that corner is good for the students, good for the university, and good for the city. The local economy will benefit by having more students living in the area. Commuters will benefit by not having to share the road with hundreds of USC students who would otherwise commute from the west side of LA. Building a new complex creates jobs for local workers. And perhaps most importantly, a brand new housing complex would help boost the image of what is currently one among many run-down blocks in downtown LA.


I forgot to say in my above comment, that I do love the Felix sign. However, I don't think it and the unremarkable show room it sits upon should prevent the development of a lot of land that could serve as a model for future improvements to the Figueroa Corridor.
Take down the sign and move it. Don't use it as an excuse to stop progress.

Proper Sensibilities

You have got to be kidding me. Do you not see the insanity with this misplaced effort? It's just a sign, a sign that represents a commercial business and is privately owned no less. There is no thought about the cost to the owner of the dealership if this landmark status is approved. What's worse, you come across as arrogant and all-knowing; how do you think its your right to go around tagging marginal (AT BEST) places as "landmarks"? Did you not realize its a sign that consists of a CAT? You people are nuts - let go of your weird cat fetish already! I'm grateful I leave in the OC where some sense of common sense still exists....

paul morantz

I went to USC 65-71 (law school). Felix was a Beacon. An old soul first to welcome you home. I have looked at it every year. I am sorry to see dealership go. I am sorry to see Felix go. I hope it finds a new home. USC should buy it and place it somewhere as part of the school heritage.

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