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Tim K.

I don't see the problem - film crews just can move to Canada and Australia where they actually welcome film production.

These downtown whiners really should give it up - the reason they wanted to move there was because it was so cool. Now they want to chase out the cool?


Those downtown whiners you speak of include below-the-line and above-the-line members of the industry. And the kneejerk defense from those less diplomatic defending filming is "they are chasing us out."

Rather, as it's pointed out over and over, the request from the residents of the Historic Core is simply of treating Downtown like it has residents.

Bert Green

Tim K, you totally miss the point, as does everyone who believes that the film industry would actually leave LA. The boast that the film industry is the largest industry in LA is a lie, as is the claim that unlimited filming downtown is some mythical part of it's history.

Nobody here is trying to stop filming. To insist otherwise is to by into the industry's bullying tactics.

The point is and has always been about ILLEGAL behavior (violation of permit terms) and total disregard for the economic viability of businesses other than filming. If you buy into the film industry arguments, you then must also understand that this industry PROFITS from urban decay, and that a revitalized downtown is viewed by them as a threat to those profits.

All we are asking for is respect, not the removal of filming. If people are living in a building, don't disrupt them after midnight. Don't destroy people's right to run a business and close the streets and take away their parking with little or no notice. It's not hard to do any of these things, and it will not end filming in LA.

Corporations that dump toxic waste always argued that it was too expensive to stop, and that to do so would put them out of business. Don't believe the hype. Filming is a corporate activity, and they will fight us at every step to make money off of us and the public spaces that we inhabit.

In the past 20 years or so, filming filled a vacuum downtown as people exited. Now that people are returning. The days of unfettered filming are coming to an end.

Militant Angeleno

I'm not a Downtowner, but they seem to film "The Shield" like every other month in my hood. I TOTALLY agree with the residents...the production crews just need to play by the rules. But the studios are mostly all controlled by East Coast entities so they do have an agenda in tampering with the quality of life here.

downtown toilet

"... the reason they wanted to move there was because it was so cool. Now they want to chase out the cool?"

hey tim, if i wanted to be anecdotal and not back my statement up with any facts like you, i could say that i don't know any downtown resident who moved down here because it was "cool". convenient to school and/or work, yes. centrally located to other parts of so cal, yes. surrounded by art & artists, yes. close proximity to public transportation, restaurants and nightlife, yes. architecturally significant buildings, great neighbors, a real community - yes, yes, yes. cool, no. and i bet i know more downtown residents than you do.

that's not to say downtown isn't cool. it is, nah-nah. and btw, filming never made downtown cool, nor do we want to chase out filming. i know i'm ready for my close-up.

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