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You assume tagging wants to be part of that bankrupt world of the "art critic".


I assume that graff artists who use galleries to highlight their work and in turn empower younger artists, and work with building owners to have a place to show off their good stuff––don't want taggers who are unable to follow through on traditions set by a neighborhood who offer street artists a place to be seen, and not be labeled JUST as a gang member, to make it difficult to have space available for experimental work.

This sometimes art critic–-who is not yet corrupted––would hope that a neighborhood who tries to respect work at all levels, doesn't have to clean up after those who don't respect their own art form.

As a cultural critic yourself (and bloggers are seen as bankrupt OPed disengaged from real discourse just so they can rant and rave) you spoke a lot of truth when you once wrote: "Despite all the architecture schooling (SCIArc) they provide, the best design for a desk/work area a student could dream up was some trashy mix of stolen LA City street signs and barricades. It costs a lot of money for fancy kids to learn the practical skills of the destitute. Still, the poor do it better."

Let the good work thrive. Let the crap work that prevents good work, to thrive somehow stop, or at least be noticed when it's not the best.


Anyone see the tagging all over the North side of 4th street between Main and Spring this weekend?

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