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wow. i've been wanting to see the guts of the triforium.

looks like rodents were living in the teletype chassis.

i think i read somewhere that it never actually funtioned fully?


The music and lights worked, just not very well nor in sync after some years of neglect. The lasers and lights responding to pedestrian movement didn't get off the ground from the original concept.

Tim Quinn

Gee, I do wish they would redevelop the rundown places before they re-do already re-done buildings. Totally understandable from a budgetary perspective though.

Re: Triforium. True interaction from computers is still very difficult to acheive with any reliability. They are great as long as it is happening on a screen with a mouse or keyboard. Introduce sensing apparatus and everything goes to hell. I am not sure why this should still be true, but my experience says it is so.

The guys who did the Metlofts thing, whom I know, are the exception, but they are very careful not to overextend the idea. They also spent a couple of years perfecting the sensing mechanism to be absolutely bulletproof. Most interaction in media art is faked up or uses layers of obfuscation to distract you from the low quality. Good intentions meets up with hinky technology and suddenly the deadline is past and you're stuck showing a 'proto-type.'

Tim Quinn

Oh my . . . that recap from DTN gets something critically wrong. Astani was careful to say he is putting off some projects because of skyrocketing construction costs which cause the projects to become unprofitable. He unequivocally stated it was NOT because the market is flattening out. He went on to say they are not having any trouble selling units in existing projects.

Sad to see the DTN piling on the bubble busting bandwagon. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy we don't need right now.

LA City Nerd

Here you go, my five:


Tim: It would be interesting to see what the Metrolofts response is with Triforium. He would be the most qualified person to be critical with this form of interactive light art.

Budget is always a consideration, but you're right. Taking a look at the city infrastructure for long term growth is bypassed way too much.

Bubble Bursting: It can be seen that sales has flattened, but not flat-lined.

To Nerd: Thanks for the responses - I'm sure most would have hit you for it. Merry Christmas to ya both.

Kevin Allman

I don't do memes, but...hm. I also studied (and performed a bit) with the Groundlings before I was 23. (it convinced me that I had no interest in performing, and no particular aptitude for it). Does that suffice?


We can share at least 4 more, in private emails only.

(Kevin Allman is an author residing in Portland but whose heart is still living in New Orleans. Allman once resided in Los Angeles when it was punk and Santa Monica when it was still "the people's republic of SM". His claim of performing "a bit" is slightly modest since he was in the first round of Groundling's Sunday Supplement. And he was a good performer.)

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