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Tonight my girlfrind and I went for a drive in the Vernon area to try to find the source of the smell. We started off heading toward B&B Services (4105 Bandini Blvd, Los Angeles, CA). As we got closer to the address the smell got stronger and stronger. When we got there, it was so bad I thought I was going to vomit.

Across the street from B&B is a large rendering plant under the name "Baker Commodities". While the D&D facility was definitely disgusting looking, the plant across the street seemed to be the main processing facility generating the smell. I suspect that the two work together, and that D&D is probably the receiving area for the euthanized pets and roadkill and Baker is where most of the processing happens.

D&D had some equipment too, not nearly the scale of Baker. We saw large bins labeled "USDA" at the D&D facility. Everything looked like it was coated with a yellow, greasy tar-like substance, and there were thousands of sea gulls around to scavange off the whole lot.

I'm not sure if I can continue to live downtown. The next time the breeze brings that smell to my apartment building I'll know that what I'm inhaling is the burning bone, blood, fat and hair of dead pets.


Great report! Thanks for looking into it. The e-mails from the arts district residents say it's not a year round smell. As much as I advocate downtown as a place to live, you went to the source of the smell; and nothing may help erase the experience.

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