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Memo Pisa el Lodo

also... harry gamboa teaches classes at CSULA every now and then.


Good point, Memo.

katrina alexy

Bravo! CSULA is a university that is rich in history and culture. I attended CSULA in the late 80's studying theatre under the likes of Jose Cruz Gonzales, Susan Mason, and many more talented and committed instructors widening our ideas of theatre to include playwrites of all races and cultures with an emphasis on Latino works. I feel I walked away from my B.A. at CSULA enriched and truly "educated" with an even larger appreciation of the working class and the immigrant experience. Almost all of us studying at CSULA were first generation Americans and first to attend college, many of us (myself included) putting ourselves through school. Although I am white, and was a minority at CSULA, I felt I was part of an incredible movement in art and theatre that was uniquely Los Angeles. I felt CSULA represented my city better than any other place and, to this day, my experience from those college days informs me and feeds me creatively. I am just sorry more people do not take the time to explore all that CSULA has to offer the community at large. This school truly represents Los Angeles.
Katrina Alexy

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