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I think Hanami's work really symbolizes what is most interesting, exciting, and well, fun, about East LA culture. This type of fusion is an LA tradition: if you've ever taken a walk through neighboring Boyle Heights, you know that the visual blending of past and present, and of diverse cultures, is virtually endless and pushes the limits of imagination. Maybe rickshaws should be introduced into downtown: it would be a great way to avoid all the traffic jams, and someone would get some exercise.



I agree. East LA's history is so deeply rooted in several ethnic cultures creating a movement that could be called Asian Latino Fusion. Or LatinAsianFusion, aka LAFusion. And rickshaws with multicultural markings could be used at events to link Little Tokyo, Chinatown and El Pueblo.

While urban art needs to be cynical to be noticed, or defined as social commentary to Be considered compelling; it's artists like Hanami who have a skill in interpeting personal experience with a wit that leaves no bite marks. And we need that once in a while.


Hanami's work transforms something that is so stereotypically reminiscent of old ethnic enclaves by adding something that is unique to LA urban culture--how we modify our cars to make a statement about ourselves and be different. Like was said before, it is exactly his melding of past & present and his allusions to a communal history that makes his work funny and familiar.

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