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Another one of those post 9/11 security measures that borders on stupidity. A potential terrorist isn't going to learn anything from a snapshot taken near or around the tower that can't be learned in some other way. But they know they can create a great diversion by having several accomplices attempt to take snapshots while they carry something else out.

As for the sidewalk bordering the street on the block that building occupies, that is public property. Private security has no jurisdiction to tell you what you can or can't photograph that can be seen from a public place.

Don Garza

Hey ,

I posted a link to here.

what happened?

It is about the recent United States Court decision regarding photography in public places and ART so far is protected


Bob: That's very true. While it's claimed that the property line extends to the curb, it all gets fuzzy. Thanks for the post.

Don: That linked case is interesting and I remember reading about it. It was an example of a street photographer who went as far to set up lights and took photos of people passing by to create portraits. One subject sued for royalties and lost. That's a little farther than I go.


i had a very similar experience recently when leading a tour, we were standing on olive and 5th (the curb outside of the gas company building) and the guards were adamant about us not taking pictures of the subway terminal building. we couldn't take pictures of ANYTHING while standing on their "property" (a public sidewalk).

let's just say my tourgoers were VERY tempted to click away at the gas company tower once we got to hill street between 4th and 5th just for revenge, but they didn't.



That would have been an interesting site to see what a guard would do with a mass photo session. But your group made a stoic choice.

That's the conflict. To promote the city and downtown as friendly and warm, a beacon for tourism, a changing landscape for residents. Hey! No pictures!

I enjoy your site by the way.

Scott Mercer

These security guards are nothing but Little Napoleons with a chip on their shoulders. They should be called out on their crap. They can't prevent you from taking pictures from a public sidewalk. Period. If you encounter them and their misinformation, don't call them names, but insist on the rights that you do have, and were not taken away after 2001.

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