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Did you see the Associated Press allegations against Fairey? Look like they are going after him. Just yesterday a search of Fairey's infringement brought up articles by Brian Sherwin for Myartspace Blog and Mark Vallen's infamous critique of Fairey and not much else. The AP story is on the front page of Yahoo! and I think it took a member of the mainstream press to be infringed to accomplish that which is kind of sad. Do check out the Myartspace Blog articles on Shepard Fairey and the Mark Vallen critique as well. Good reads.


I featured the 2007 Vallen critique before, and met him a few times and we talked about it. BTW, The LATimes now has the AP story.

New York Cases

Its really not clear where the fair use argument will turn out when things are all said and done. After all, people can have their opinions back and forth all day long, but the four factors to test fair use are so subjective and slippery that only a judge can say what is right or wrong in the end.

For the sake of having a sane precedent, I think that the court should rule in favor of fair use, but the big factor that may not be on Fairey's side is the fourth "effect on market" factor which hurts so many artists.

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