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(ed's note: reader Al Roth emailed this in)

We haven't lost a voice - you can still feel the walls shaking.

The first time that Joel yelled at me, it was like getting hit by lightning. After a while, I learned that he was actually a very sharp, funny (in his man-behind-the-curtain way), and industrious guy.

By sheer coincidence, I happened to walk by the old neighborhood on Friday 7/13 around 6:45am on my way to Union Station after being dropped off by a Greyhound bus at 7th and Alameda. I had been out of touch with
the scene for many years and just wanted to reminisce.

I walked by the store, looked around, saw the "Joel Bloom Square" sign, and got that Twilight Zone feeling.

I had the honor of doing the musical accompaniment to
"Mayhem at Mayfield Mall" for the original production
in the parking lot adjacent to Al's Bar. Working with
him was surprisingly easy. His direction was clear and
well thought out. He took good care of the people that
worked for him. I had a blast. Thanks Joel.

Al Roth

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